Our Story

Once upon a time there were two children named Hunter and Shaye. They loved charming woodland creatures and the magical forests of which these creatures inhabit. They became the inspiration for our one-of-a-kind children’s clothing boutiques, where all little ones – from infant to young teens – are surrounded by an extraordinary childhood wonder that makes them feel special. Hunter & Shaye lets children and parents experience enchantment, as they shop for elegant formal wear and stylish casual threads, for occasions big and small.

Our fairytale began as a humble home business, making custom children’s hair accessories and dresses out of the owner’s recreation room. But like spinning straw into gold, it has bloomed into a treasure trove of retail locations and an online store.

Our first store, Hunter & Shaye Ceremony opened at Tuscany Place shopping centre in November 2015. It showcases a gorgeous and generous selection of designer special occasion wear and accessories for children, fit for any grand event. Both modern and timeless, Hunter & Shaye Ceremony’s exquisite dresses and suits complete any Baptism, Communion, or bridal party.

Just a few doors down, at Hunter & Shaye, you’ll be delighted by a beautifully curated array of designer styles for children, meant for all the other social occasions in their lives – from casual and carefree, to party looks and other noteworthy events, like photos, first day of school, and fun outings on the town.

Our third Hunter & Shaye location opened at Hillcrest Mall in 2020. Inspired by the beguiling aura of fauna and flora, a festive and sweet spectacle of casual, social and formal wear can be discovered here.

The events in our children’s lives should be celebrated and commemorated with exceptional clothing that will delight and dazzle. At Hunter & Shaye, we are forever believers in a Happily Ever After that is memorable, sophisticated, and above all, enchanting.